2016 Winner! Sweepstakes Winnings Help New Mexico Weed Coordinator Expand Reach, Save Time and Money

Congratulations to Rebecca Healy for winning TechLine’s annual sweepstakes!

Rebecca is the Noxious Weed Coordinator for the Chaves Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) in Roswell, and Hagerman/Dexter SWCD in Hagerman and Dexter, New Mexico. She is responsible for all field operations within a 2.8 million-acre area, including invasive species monitoring and treatment on public and private land; a Cost Share program for farmers and ranchers; a Coordinated Weed Management Area (CWMA) that partners local, state and federal agencies to control noxious weed infestations on agricultural lands; and a Saltcedar chemical treatment project partnership with the BLM in northern Chaves County.

TechLine’s $200 prize will help Healy address equipment limitations for one of their largest annual projects, Russian Knapweed control on the Hagerman Canal. Her current boom sprayer falls short of providing effective access to hard-to-reach areas, such as canal banks, and the 40-gallon tank requires frequent refilling. Healy selected a new hose and hose reel to extend treatment reach, and an additional 25-gallon spray tank allows her to treat more area before returning to a mix site for refills.

Originally from Colorado, Healy started receiving Techline to become familiar with management strategies for species in New Mexico.

This year’s winner was selected randomly from a pool of survey and quiz participants. NOTE: 2016 sweepstakes is replaced with TechLine’s new annual photo contest. Learn more > http://techlinenews.com/photo-contest