Salmon River Breaks Restoration Pilot Project

Salmon River Breaks Restoration Pilot Project

The Salmon-Challis National Forest and partners initiated a pilot project in fall, 2018 to determine if cheatgrass, spotted knapweed and other invasive plants could be controlled, and create more functional native plant communities. Results showed that Milestone®plus Plateau provided about 90% control of both annual grasses and spotted knapweed 8 months after treatment.

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Revegetation 4 Years After Russian Olive Removal Along the Yellowstone River in Eastern Montana

By: J. M. Muscha, M. K. Petersen,   R. W. Kilian, J. D. Scianna, and E. K. Espeland


Many riparian areas along the Yellowstone River and other rivers in the West have converted to dense Russian olive stands, reducing agricultural and ecological value of these lands.  A study was initiated in 2010 along the Yellowstone River in Montana to determine if restoration was necessary following Russian olive removal, and then establish the effectiveness of four restoration strategies.  Results of the study after four years indicate that herbaceous seeding with planted shrubs had the lowest cover of invasive annual grass.  Native species are continuing to establish at the site, and seeded herbaceous species cover is continuing to increase over time.