Constructing Standard Invasion Curves from Herbarium Data—Toward Increased Predictability of Plant Invasions

by Pedro M. Antunes and Brandon Schamp. Invasive Plant Science and Management, 10(4):293-303. 2017.


Is it possible to predict which nonnative plant species will become invasive weeds and when? Authors explore challenges related to developing invasion curves for plants using herbarium data.  The goal is to better position herbaria and researchers to assist natural resource managers in prioritizing needs, supporting management decisions and developing prevention and monitoring programs.  


Invasion Shadows: The Accumulation and Loss of Ecological Impacts from an Invasive Plant (Japanese stiltgrass), 2017.

By Daniel R. Tekiela and Jacob N. Barney.

This article describes how the impact of weedy plants can linger for years.  Newly established invasive populations don’t produce the same level of lingering legacy effects as those that are long established, making early eradication imperative.  READ THE FULL ABSTRACT.