Weed Science Special Issue, Research Methods in Weed Science

It was 58 years ago (1956) when the Weed Science Society of America was formally organized in the United States. This served to unify the regional organizations of weed scientists, which were formed independently earlier in the 20th century, in North America and likewise in Canada, to pursue a common mission and vision. As the discipline expanded and evolved with discoveries of herbicidal chemistries, the Southern Weed Science Society (SWSS) published a manual on Research Methods in Weed Science in the 1960s. The last edition was printed in 1986. The science has become more complex, and we are now able to investigate the smallest molecule and tease out the most basic processes in living organisms. We have entered the era of genomic, nano, and geospatial technologies, among other areas, which still need to be anchored to whole-plant and landscape processes. The discipline is now populated with a new generation of scientists and the Internet has facilitated the globalization of Weed Science. No single reference, however, encompasses current approaches in weed science research. Thus, the idea of assembling a Special Issue on Weed Science Research Methods was born. A large team of weed scientists from many nations was assembled to help accomplish the task. The papers published in that 2015 Special Issue (Weed Science 63.1) form the nucleus of this online Special Collection; others will be added to keep researchers abreast of a dynamic discipline.


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