Past Photo Contest Winners

Judges scored more than 100 photographs in two categories based on originality, technical excellence, composition, overall impact, artistic merit and subject matter relevance to invasive plant management. A panel of 6 judges representing a variety of invasive plant management disciplines selected a top winner in each category, as well as a number of images worthy of honorable mention. The winner in each category received a $200 gift card to their choice of either or

Orange Hawkweed Flower, by laurel baldwin

Laurel has been the coordinator for Whatcom County’s (Washington) Noxious Weed Program since 1989, and has seen many beautiful and beastly weeds in her career. She hopes that compelling images of invasive plants in outreach materials may help the public remember the weeds a bit better. 

Spraying Teasel, by Jake Vancil

Jake grew up taking photos and video of his hunts and outdoor activities in central illinois. Since working with the Illinois Recreational Access Program, he has been taking invasive plant photos and making videos to help the public understand problems associated with invasive plants, and how to treat them. 

WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? If you guessed “the applicator is not wearing adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)”, you are correct!  Herbicide applicators and other handlers should wear appropriate PPE for the products they are applying. Learn more about PPE (

2016 Management In Action category Entries

2016 Invasive Plants Category entries

2015 Winner   CYNOGLOSSUM OFFICINALE   IN FLOWER -  Photographer: Stacy Davis, Montana STate University

2015 Winner
CYNOGLOSSUM OFFICINALE IN FLOWER - Photographer: Stacy Davis, Montana STate University