Section 6. Milestone® Herbicide Guidelines for Use Around Woody Plants

The following information provides guidelines for Milestone herbicide application around woody plants. In general, Transline® is the most selective herbicide to use for invasive plant control on sites where tree and shrub selectivity is important.

Can I use Milestone® herbicide for weed control under trees?

Aminopyralid, the active ingredient in Milestone herbicide, has limited activity on woody species, including trees, when applied to the soil under the canopy. While it would be unlikely for broadcast applications of labeled rates to actually kill a mature tree (except legume species), there could be some leaf curling/cupping or other damage typical of growth regulator herbicides. Therefore, Milestone should NOT be used over the top of desirable trees. Milestone can be used ONLY as a directed spray under the canopy, or within the dripline, of certain trees; but not under desirable legume trees/shrubs.

CAUTION: Milestone herbicide can cause injury or death to desirable vegetation. Users are advised not to apply Milestone over the top of desirable trees or in the root zone of susceptible species where injury cannot be tolerated, especially at the 14 fl oz spot treatment.

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Always read and follow label directions.

Milestone has no grazing or haying restrictions for any class of livestock, including lactating dairy cows, horses (including lactating mares) and meat animals prior to slaughter. However, label precautions do apply to forage treated with Milestone and to manure from animals that have consumed treated forage within the last three days. Consult the label for full details. Some states require an individual be licensed if involved in the recommendation, handling or application of any pesticide. Consult your local Extension office for information regarding licensing requirements. Milestone is not registered for sale or use in all states. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state. 

Capstone and Opensight specialty herbicides: When treating areas in and around roadside or utility rights-of-way that are or will be grazed, hayed or planted to forage, important label precautions apply regarding harvesting hay from treated sites, using manure from animals grazing on treated areas or rotating the treated area to sensitive crops. See the product label for details. 

State restrictions on the sale and use of Captsone, Garlon 4 Ultra, Opensight, Transline, and Vista XRT apply. Consult the label before purchase or use for full details.

Tordon 22K is a federally Restricted Use Pesticide.