Section 9. Technical Facts and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Milestone® Herbicide

  • What is the environmental fate of Milestone® herbicide?
  • Where can Milestone herbicide be used?
  • What is the runoff potential of Milestone herbicide?
  • What is the ecotoxicology profile of Milestone herbicide?
  • What is the rainfast period?
  • How close to water can I spray?
  • Can Milestone herbicide be used in riparian areas?
  • How long does Milestone® herbicide persist in the soil?
  • What effect does pH have on degradation of Milestone?
  • Can Milestone® herbicide be applied with spot treatments?
  • What about surfactants?
  • How long will Milestone herbicide remain active in the spray tank solution?
  • Are there sprayer clean-out instructions to avoid damage to sensitive plants?
  • Will Milestone herbicide harm grasses?
  • Are there grazing or haying restrictions?
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