2015 Spring Issue - Western Range & Wildlands Edition

In This Issue:

High resolution PDF available by request.

High resolution PDF available by request.

  • Tolerance of desirable grasses to Milestone® and Perspective herbicides
  • Common tansy identification and management
  • Proper application timing to maximize control of key invasive plants
  • Essential online resources to kick off your field season

Get Ready for Spring

An invasive plant manager’s work is never done! No sooner do you get your equipment cleaned and stored, field data organized, and reports summarized then it is time to plan for the upcoming field season. Your dedication, perseverance and knowledge as a natural resource manager is critical to protect lands from invasive plants, and enhance or restore grasslands, forests, and other natural areas. Sustainable land management is complex and involves tough decisions that involve diverse natural resources, land use, politics, budget constraints and more.

Our goal with TechLine Invasive Plant News is to provide you and your program with new ideas, concepts, and resources for managing invasive plants.

In this issue, you’ll find research on the tolerance of desirable grasses to Milestone® and Perspective herbicides, and management recommendations for common tansy and other important species. We’ve also included some key resources on crew training, sprayer calibration and application equipment that will help you gear up for spring.

Thank you for supporting and sharing TechLine Invasive Plant News.

Celestine Duncan