Integration of prescribed burning, aminopyralid (Milestone® specialty herbicide) and reseeding for restoration of yellow starthistle-infested rangeland

Guy B. Kyser, Arthur W. Hazebrook and Joe DiTomaso (2013) Invasive Plant Science and Management. 6(4):480-491.

A study was established at two locations at Fort Hunter Liggett (U.S. Army Training Center) in Monterey County, California in 2009. The combination of prescribed burning, application of Milestone at 3 fluid ounces/acre, and reseeding of native broadleaf and grass species on both yellow starthistle control and native plant restoration were evaluated over a three-year period. Results of the study indicate that a January or March application of Milestone integrated with a native perennial grass drill seeding program in January offers the greatest probability of both successful yellow starthistle control and perennial grass establishment.