Scouts Team-up Against Tamarisk

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“The BLM is committed to maintaining and expanding the tamarisk control effort in Buckhorn Wash. We have funding for the next four years to continue monitoring and treating re-growth which combined with the excellent control we have now, should ensure long-term success of the project,” says Ivory. “We also have interest from the local Boy Scouts to continue this project, and we are expanding our initial control efforts upstream and in high use recreational sites along the canyon. It’s a lot easier to expand on this initial project than it is to start in a heavily infested area.”

“The greatest benefit from the project was partnerships formed among 22 different state, city, county, and federal agencies that collaborated with the project, and the new and improved relationships that we developed with other people in Utah who are concerned about weeds.” Ivory and Whitesides agree. “There was a tremendous educational benefit for everyone that worked on the project. The secondary benefit is that we covered a large area and now we can keep tamarisk in check with a local crew,” says Ivory.


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