Russian knapweed control with low rates of aminopyralid on range and pasture

by Stephen F. Enloe, Guy B. Kyser, Steven A. Dewey, Vanelle Peterson, and Joseph M. DiTomaso. Published in Invasive Plant Science and Management 2008 1:000-000.

ABSTRACT: Russian knapweed is an invasive weed of rangeland, pasture, and natural areas throughout western North America. Aminopyralid has activity on Russian knapweed at lower use rates; than current standard treatments. The objectives of this study were to compare aminopyralid efficacy at the bud to early flower timing and the fall timing with commercial standards for Russian knapweed control. Results showed that addition of 2,4-D with lower rates of aminopyralid did not improve control. Aminopyralid controlled Russian knapweed effectively at lower use rates than current commercial standards and good control lasted for at least 21 to 24 MAT.

Full abstract available here.

Published 2012; reviewed and updated June 2019