Fall and winter are good times to control unwanted brush and vines

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Basal bark applications with Garlon® 4 Ultra or Pathfinder® II can control undesirable or invasive brush species year round extending your vegetation management program.

Benefits of basal bark application include:

  • Can be applied in fall, winter, and early spring after foliage is gone to avoid foliage brown-out in high visibility areas.
  • Application is less labor intensive than mechanical or tree injection methods.
  • Controls trees and brush that are too large for backpack foliar applications.
  • Reduces the impact on surrounding desirable plants.
  • Fall, winter, and early spring applications provide the best access for treatment due to the lack of existing foliage.

Basal bark treatments on undesirable brush and vines are suited to sites such as fencerows and embankments, bridge ends, urban settings, near desirable vegetation, sensitive areas, and sites with low-density brush and/or vines.

When using Garlon 4 Ultra as a basal treatment, it is important to remember:

  • Basal applications work best on woody species with trunks less than six (6) inches in basal diameter.
  • Evenly spray the lower 15 to 18 inches of the stem on all sides, including the root collar, but not to the point of run-off; make sure all sides of the stem are treated.
  • Do not apply to bark that is wet from heavy dew and rain. If the herbicide/penetrating oil mix turns white when applied to bark, it is an indicator that the bark is too wet and the application will not work.
  • Typical basal mixtures are 20 to 25% Garlon® 4 Ultra in 76 to 80% basal oil. Another option for low volume users is Pathfinder® II herbicide.

Pathfinder II is a ready-to-use formulation of Garlon 4 Ultra and basal oil

  • Since it is ready-to-use, Pathfinder II eliminates the need for mixing and ensures proper rates.
  • Pathfinder II contains a nonpetroleum diluent, derived from naturally occurring vegetable oils that provides superior penetrating capabilities, even during winter months.

Recommended equipment for basal applications

  • Apply with a backpack sprayer using low pressure (~20 psi).
  • Examples of recommended backpack sprayers are  - 10 K Birchmeier or 15K Birchmeier; Solo Model 475 Diaphragm Pump Sprayer; SP Systems SP1 Backpack Sprayer.
  • An adjustable-cone nozzle such as Spraying Systems ConeJet 5500-X3 or Y3 up to X8 is ideal for basal applications and allows applications to be made close up and as far away as about 10 feet through adjustment of the nozzle.
  • Flat fan or hollow cone nozzles also work but do not allow as much flexibility as the adjustable-cone nozzles.

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